LLP ROC compliance and Annual filings

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Annual ROC filings

Annual Returns are to be filed in the prescribed Form-11 within 60 days from the end of Every Financial Year. This form is considered as the summary of management affairs of LLP.

Penalty/ consequences for non-filing

  • Penalty: Penalty of Rs. 100/ day for each form.
  • For Designated Partner: From Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000 Penalty
  • For LLP: ROC can issue Notice to LLP and initiate legal proceedings

Maintenance of books

Limited Liability Partnerships are separate legal entities. Hence, it is the duty of the elected partners for maintaining a proper book of accounts and filing annual return with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs annually.

Audit compliance

Limited Liability Partnerships are not required to audit their books of account except where their annual turnover is more than Rs.40 lakhs or if the contribution is more than Rs.25 lakh.